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Abstract Red Lines

Adoption Process

Badass Bulldog Rescue works hard to find the proper match for each of our dogs, to ensure that both the adopting family and the dog will be happy with their decision. All applicants must go through the adoption process.

  1. The applicant fills out a specific application for each dog they are interested in.

  2. All applications for that foster dog are placed into a pool of the applicants for that dog.

  3. The Board reviews applications and completes vet checks.

    •  If information is missing from the application, it is declined.

  4. The top applicant or applicants then have a phone screen with the foster or board member.

  5. The next step after a positive phone interview is a home visit and/or meet and greet. ALL MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY MUST BE PRESENT (including all pets).

  6. We maintain a requirements list for each of our foster dogs to ensure that the dog's needs are met.

  7. All dogs are spayed or neutered; brought up to date on their shots, heartworm tested, micro chipped and have had a general physical before being placed.

  8. If an animal is sick or recovering from injury, we will usually not place the dog until he/she has fully recovered.

  9. No dog is “held" for a potential adopter, no matter how much we like them. For example, if one applicant comes without a family member and another comes with everyone, if both are qualified for the dog we will go with the second. We do not hold dogs for adopters who are about to go on vacation. We ask that they come back after they have returned.

  10. We do not do trial periods with new adopters nor do we offer foster to adopt. Our belief is that this is too stressful on the dog and doesn’t really show the adopter the true dog as they will be on their best behavior.

  11. If we only receive one or two applications for a dog, we will process the application in the same manner if it is indeed a good fit for that dog.

Adoptable Bulldogs/Bullies

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