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Our Story

Our story begins with Char Char. Char Char aka Charlotte, little miss BADASS has been gone since January 2019. Badass Bulldog Rescue was created in her honor in 2021. She changed their lives furever. She was our president’s (Staci) 3rd foster, her first fail and second bulldog love. Her Rotti, Annabelle, became instant BFF’s with Char Char, and they knew they couldn’t live without her. ❤

Char Char was born with kidney failure, hips not in socket and luxated knees. Only to win running of the bully’s a year later. She was the kissing booth queen and the most dominant little 40lb sh*t Staci has ever met to date. She made all who knew her cuss, smile and love her instantly.

When Staci decided it was time to start a bulldog rescue, everyone who knew Char Char, knew the only logical choice was to name the rescue after Charlotte. Her personality would shine through everywhere she went, nothing was ever too big for Char.

The only way Staci could keep her sanity, and was able to let Annabelle go peacefully (RIP 12/13/21), was to remember the love her and Char had for each other and to know they would be together furever in heaven as her headstone reads:

Char Char "mommy's little BADASS". She will furever shine on our rescue and every single dog that comes into our care will take a little piece of Char Char with them.

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